Our Mission:

To create a new generation of children who love math!( )
4-group Math™ is a brain-based program that makes math easy and fun for children 4-8 years old. It is an evidence-based program designed to develop sound number sense in all children through activities and play. It is the first method of its kind that uses a unique set of number patterns, to leverage what the child’s brain already has the ability to do — subitize. 4-group Math is taught through the use of unique products and hands on learning tools and can be adapted to any preschool or elementary math curriculum, giving all children the foundation they must have for future academic success.
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“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done with Emily’s attitude towards math. She really enjoys it now and is proud to be one of the stronger math kids.” – Lisa, Mother of a Second Grader
“There is a belief out there that some people are inherently bad at math. Success at math is determined by what and how you are taught. If I could guarantee our method would help your child be successful in math — wouldn’t you try it?” – Lynn Kuske, Kuske Math Founder
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